Investing in Developers

Investments in developers offer future opportunities at construction-ready stage for ORIT to invest in and support professionals who are actively contributing to creating new capacity for clean energy sources​

To date ORIT has invested in 5 developers with a combined pipeline of 33GW of renewable energy generation projects
ORIT will have preferential access to fund construction-ready sites arising from these development pipelines
Investing in Developers provides valuable optionality for future expansion

About Simply Blue Group

Simply Blue Group, headquartered in Ireland, is the leading developer for floating offshore wind. Simply Blue Group’s goal is to develop floating wind projects that will make a valuable contribution to Europe’s electricity demand, making the most of the huge offshore wind potential there is across the global oceans to help create a clean, sustainable future for everyone. Simply Blue Group has developed a pipeline of c.30GW of floating offshore wind projects to-date, primarily in the waters of the UK, Ireland, Europe, the US and APAC. With a background in marine development, Simply Blue Group also has interests in wave energy and ancillary interests in sustainable aquaculture, deep water ports and e-fuels

ORIT’s investment status

ORIT now owns c.19% of Simply Blue Group after two investments: €7.5 million in August 2021 and a further €12.5 million in November 2022 split over two payments in 2022 and 2023.

How did ORIT’s investment support Simply Blue Group?

Since ORIT’s investment, Simply Blue Group has been able to make huge strides towards harnessing the wind potential globally. With ORIT’s initial investment in August 2021, Simply Blue Group was able to increase its specialist team by 50% and enter new markets in Poland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, and Italy. With a second investment in November 2022, Simply Blue Group was able to continue to grow its global pipeline of projects to c.30GW. More general support from the Investment Manager has helped to develop Simply Blue Group’s capabilities and shape future decisions

About Wind2

Wind2 is a specialist onshore wind energy developer. The Wind2 team has a substantial track record of successful development of onshore wind projects, being responsible for 1GW of renewable energy through their involvement with RDC Partners and West Coast Energy, sold to ENGIE in 2014. Wind2 is working on the development of a number of subsidy-free renewable energy projects in the UK

ORIT’s investment status

In December 2021, ORIT invested £2.5 million and agreed to provide up to a further £7.5 million in development funding for 9 newly formed Joint Venture onshore wind farm development companies with Wind2, including early, mid and late-stage projects in Scotland and Wales

How did ORIT’s investment support Wind2?

With ORIT’s investment, Wind2 has been able to progress development for 9 onshore wind projects with potential capacity of approximately 900MW. They have also been able to support the local communities through various benefits and local ownership of wind farms

About Nordic Generation

Nordic Generation, a start-up Finnish developer, is on a mission to develop and bring into operations new wind and solar projects. The Nordic Generation team is split between the UK and Finland with a local team having experience as turbine manufacturers and developers

ORIT’s investment status

In April 2022, ORIT co-invested with Sky (one of Octopus Energy Generation's private funds) to form a 50/50 Joint Venture to develop onshore wind and solar projects in Finland, through subcontracted development services to Nordic Generation

How did ORIT’s investment support Nordic Generation?

With ORIT's investment, Nordic Generation has been able to progress the development of a pipeline of c.700MW of onshore wind and solar projects in Finland

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About HYRO

HYRO is a green hydrogen project developer focused on delivering decarbonisation solutions for large energy users with processes that are hard to electrify. HYRO is a Joint Venture between ORIT and RES – the world’s largest independent renewable energy developer

ORIT’s investment status

In April 2023 ORIT acquired a 25% stake in HYRO with an investment framework in place to fund development and acquire Ready to Build projects from HYRO

How did ORIT’s investment support HYRO?

ORIT’s investment is supporting HYRO’s early stage market innovation. HYRO currently has three projects that have been shortlisted in HAR1, the UK’s first allocation round for subsidised low carbon hydrogen projects

About BLC Energy

BLCe is a newly founded solar PV developer in the UK, established by a team of industry veterans with a strong track record and with deep knowledge of the UK grid, as well as significant experience in securing land for renewable energy projects

ORIT’s investment status

In August 2023, ORIT established a 100%-owned development platform, Trio Power Limited and partnered with BLCe to develop solar PV projects in the UK. ORIT will initially invest up to £2m to fund development costs over the next two years, and in the longer term targets 350MW of projects to reach RTB together with BLCe

How did ORIT’s investment support BLC Energy?

With ORIT as a partner, BLCe can accelerate the development of a significant pipeline of solar projects in the UK and play it’s part in achieving Net Zero

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