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Key Metrics

(as of 31/03/2024)


Market Capitalisation


Share Price


Unaudited NAV
per share


Dividend Yield


Q1 2024
Dividend Declared


FY 2024
Dividend Target

Returns Since IPO

Share price and Net Asset Value returns since IPO. The NAV return shows the performance of the fund over a specific period, providing insights into the fund’s profitability or loss
ORIT is targeting an annualised Total Shareholder return of 7-8% over the medium to long term

Gross Asset Value

Gross Asset Value represents the total value of all the assets currently held by the fund. These assets are funded by debt and equity (ORIT Net Asset Value)
This chart indicates the growth of the fund over time

Dividend History

Dividend Per Share and Dividend Yield provide insights into the income-generating potential of a fund. Dividend cover measures the funds' ability to afford and sustain these payments
For FY23, Dividends were covered 1.18x by cash generated by the portfolio of assets. For FY23, the Board declared a 5.79p dividend, in line with target.

In line with its progressive dividend policy, the Company is targeting a dividend of 6.02p for FY24, an increase of 4.0% over FY23. It is the third year that ORIT has chosen to raise its dividend target in line with CPI. Dividends are expected to be fully covered by the operating portfolio’s cashflows.

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